Take Your CDI Program
to New Heights

Clinical Documentation Improvement:
ModusOne Health helps you prevent diagnostic errors ahead of time instead of correcting them afterward.

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Our Solution:

A Proactive, Physician-Designed CDI Strategy

  • Conduct initial data analytics to determine top opportunities for improvement
  • Create and deploy online and onsite physician-led education
  • Engage clinicians to document correctly, increasing earned revenue and improving patient care
  • Reinforce diagnostic criteria with the ModusOne Health easy-to-use training app
  • Optimize performance with ongoing targeted guidance for individuals and specialty groups
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Our Path to Clinical Documentation Improvement Results

One Focus

We empower physicians to be the solution.

Your clinical documentation is in the hands of your physicians. We focus on them as the key to optimizing efficiencies.

One Standard

We provide a concise and consistent standard for physician education.

Our physician-designed courses use accepted standard condition definitions. This singular standard ensures optimal compliance.

One Result

Our results are proven and reproducible.

Performance management and analytics enable you to gain and measure results. With comprehensive data, you’ll be on the path to better patient care and increased health care revenue.