Our Mission

We empower physicians to solve the fundamental issues facing hospitals and clinics: inaccurate diagnoses, lower quality of care scores, and reduced reimbursement.

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Standard CDI is Not Enough

As the health care industry evolves toward value-based care and reimbursement, standard clinical documentation improvement (CDI) is not enough. Excellent patient care requires accurate diagnosis and documentation. Clinicians cannot be treated as the problem; they must be engaged as the solution. CD specialists, coders, software and analytics all can help, but a new and more holistic approach requires changing the way your clinicians think and diagnose using the ModusOne Health state-of-the-art Clinical Diagnosis Improvement system — CDxITM.

Our Story — Making Physicians the CDI Solution

ModusOne Health was formed to help health care organizations solve the problem of poor charting and missed diagnoses. As a practicing clinician, Dr. Kenji Asakura is a board-certified internal medicine physician who saw diagnosis and documentation problems first-hand. Dr. John Crongeyer, both a physician and a lawyer, saw missed diagnoses as well, in the context of litigation cases. Together with Dr. Letizia Alto, who is a trained hospitalist, they realized that traditional consulting approaches focused on query-based CDI efforts failed to fully engage physicians to attain optimal, sustainable results.

They assembled a team, founded ModusOne Health, and created a holistic solution to address the medical, financial and legal aspects of this national issue. The ModusOne approach makes physicians the solution rather than the problem by combining data analytics with personalized physician engagement.

Over the years, we have forged and expanded our relationships with some of the country’s largest acute care hospital systems and outpatient care centers.

We drive CDI results with a full suite of services:

  • Upfront data analytics, which help identify the size and scope of a client’s diagnostic and documentation issue
  • In person, physician-led training sessions and online training via our mobile app
  • Ongoing performance management using “gold standard” chart reviews
  • Continual refinements and refresher training sessions informed by data from our monthly reporting process

Our feedback loop drives our success and the success of clients who select ModusOne Health as a CDI partner. We help organizations improve patient care, achieve optimal clinical documentation compliance and increase health care revenue.

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