Proactive CDI and CDxI:
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Everything you need to quickly improve accuracy, efficiency and health care revenue by preventing errors rather than correcting them.

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As your organization faces increasing regulations, scrutiny and uncertainty, there is one thing you can count on: value-based medicine is here to stay. CDxI and CDI are fundamental for survival and success in this regulated and competitive environment. Our inpatient and outpatient solutions can help you thrive with clinician accuracy, instead of suffering with avoidable errors:

  • Sub-optimal patient care and provider communication
  • Negative audit results
  • Inaccurate diagnoses
  • Increased legal risk
  • Earned but unrealized health care revenue
  • Lack of transparency

Achieve Compliance

Compliance starts with accurate diagnosis and two-way metrics. Unlike many CDI/query-based initiatives, we look for both under- and over-diagnoses.

Our impartial chart reviews help ensure ongoing compliance. The ModusOne Health CDxI system is instrumental in helping health systems and physicians uniformly pass RAC audits without incident.

Improve Diagnoses

Research suggests that physicians miss as many as 50 percent of serious conditions.1 Missed diagnoses can lead to preventable morbidity and and mortality, costing your facility millions per year in lost revenue. Our physician-developed training tools hardwire diagnostic criteria in the minds of clinicians and help prevent missed diagnoses. After training, organizations increase group diagnosis capture by more than 20-30 percent in one year.2

  1. "The Epidemiology of Acute Organ System Dysfunction from Severe Sepsis Outside of the ICU", Jeffrey M. Rohde, MDa, Andrew J. Odden, MD, et al., Journal of Hospital Medicine.
  2. This is calculated over seven organizations in a one-year period.

Increase Health Care Revenue

We have found that most organizations are actually under-coding. Coupled with monthly performance feedback, our education helps your clinicians improve accuracy. Typically, organizations realize an average increase in health care revenue of $150,000 - $200,000 per physician per year.

Our CDI Solutions: CDxI

Our team of physicians and CDI experts understand the challenges on the front line of clinical documentation for both hospitals and clinics. Designed by physicians, our solution uses a “physicians first” approach, treating your physicians as the foundational solution for accurate clinical documentation, correct diagnosis and increased health care revenue.

Physicians are the starting point of your revenue cycle. After training, physicians become partners on the revenue side of health care and work more effectively with your CDI team. Your physicians can help you improve clinical documentation quickly and effectively, with corresponding gains in revenue. Generally, a physician group will achieve accurate documentation levels within 4-6 months of beginning our CDI program.

Our CDI solution includes assessment of your current clinical documentation, education on standardized condition definitions and ongoing performance management. We help you correct inconsistencies before they cause problems.

Inpatient and Outpatient Care Settings

We understand the differences between inpatient and outpatient settings. Our specific, focused training solutions are tailored for different perspectives and designed to get results.

Regardless of your patient care setting, our training and performance management can help you gain sustainable, long-term accuracy and revenue.

Inpatient CDxI Case Study

A national health system increases CMI from 1.19 to 1.65 and increases revenue by $430 million.

Outpatient CDxI Case Study

Multi-specialty health system outpatient clinics increase RAF scores by 15+ percent.

Drawing upon decades of collective clinical, financial and legal expertise, we designed our proactive CDxI and CDI solution based on evidence-based current standards and intensive performance management — with proven, reproducible results.